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Bukkit/Spigot Plugin
Atom Package
McIDE Tools

Because mojang has implemented this feature directly into minecraft 1.12, McIDE is no longer maintained.

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Automatic command block generation!

The commands you write get sent to your Bukkit server and will be generated automaticly! You can write an almost unlimited amount of commands!

Use PHP in your commands!

You can use PHP to generate commands. Use echo to put your command statements together with php!

Configurable World and Location!

Change the target world and the coordinates within your Editor.

Secured with Password and SSL!

Just set a password in the config file of the Bukkit/Spigot Plugin.
If you want, you can download the Secure version of the Bukkit/Spigot Plugin to create SSL connections.

Preview integrated into Atom!

Preview the commands via Notification or modal!

Custimizeable Keybindings!

Easily configure your shortcuts!

Only one command generator!

Generate only one command from Atom!

Import your existing commands with McIDE tools!

Make a selection an post commands into Chat or post onto GitHub Gist or write into a minecraft book!

Read more at the docs!

Get information about all parts of the McIDE toolcase! The docs are the gretest part of McIDE!

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